U.S. Customs General Order Warehouse

U.S. Customs General Order is a status given to imported goods that are missing the proper documentation or are not quickly cleared cleared through customs. Merchandise may be held under general order if the proper duties or taxes are not pid, or if the owner fails to complete the required customs paperwork. Goods will be held under general order if they remain un-cleared for more than 15 days.

After 15 days, any general order merchandise will be moved to a bonded warehouse. The risk of transportation and storage of the goods remains with the owner of the merchandise. If the goods remain under general order for more than six months, the merchandise will be put up for auction or confiscated by the government.


nei-ncbfaa-educational-institute U.S. Customs General Order Warehouse
general-order-seminar-pictureSeminars or Onsite Classes for G.O.

Approved by NCBFAA

Channel Distribution provides onsite classes and periodically seminars on:
How to handle: General Order within the Port of Chicago.

The onsite classes or seminar presentations will cover the following topics:

• What is General Order?
• Your Responsibility
• Lien Charges
• Cargo Release

You will receive a copy of the Customers Regulations for your review

For additional information, please click to contact Channel Distribution Corporation
or click here to download G.O. Manual

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